Zanzibar…at last!!

You know when a word has all the significance of the world on it? When just the sound of the word catapults you to images and sounds and smells that are floating in your imagination? Well…Zanzibar…is that word for me.

I was 15 (I think) when I first read the book in which Zanzibar featured. And from that moment on, it became a vague thought in my mind….wouldn’t it be great if one day I could visit this magical place. But neither research nor plans were made because this idea was just too fantastical.

And now, here I am…lying on Zanzibar’s eastern sandy shores, trying to recover from my cold and waiting not so patiently to learn how to relax. Do nothing. Follow the rhythm of the island.

I’m not being very successful. I’ve already read two books, watched at least 8 movies, have swum in the sea countless times and in the infinity pool -less times, had a massage, had a pedicure and am really wondering whether I had made a mistake scheduling three weeks for this vacation/little work holiday.

Obviously, this being only Day 6 of my vacation after 3 months of full-on work, I might need to chill a bit more. Ya think?