Exercise…wah dat?

I had (and still have) the best of intentions.  I brought my yoga DVDs to Nairobi. I even brought the belly dancing DVDs which my brother bought for me to celebrate lurching into high tech heaven with my new BluRay player.

And here in Nairobi, I went out and bought a funky pink and white yoga mat. Never seen such a mat in Canada.  Such style…a truly unique piece.

It’s still in the plastic wrapper neatly tucked away in my closet.

Working 14-16 hour days is just not conducive to exercise.  However, lest you think I am becoming a red-haired Porky Pork …allow me to show you my own exercise treadmill that I use every day.  Given that the whole IOM complex sits on a hill and the Public Information (PI) unit is a stand alone building way, way down the hill – and given that the main building has five floors, I figure I climb the equivalent of 8 flights of stairs at least four to six times a day.

And you would think that at some point in this pseudo exercise workout, that I would stop panting and being completely out of breath by the time I get to the top floor?  Sigh…not yet, but here’s hoping!

The first of eight set of stairs I climb every day.

1 thought on “Exercise…wah dat?

  1. Bonjour Judith,
    I appreciate reading your text. It makes me participating a bit in your working, travelling and experiencing… Continue.

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